Oil & Gas

Our technologies are designed to help customers lower capital and operating costs, save energy and reduce environmental impact.

Precision-Engineered Solutions for Oil & Gas

With unique solutions from Energy Recovery, our customers in the oil and gas industry can improve productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce emissions associated with oil and gas production.

Our VorTeq™ technology for hydraulic fracturing and our IsoBoost and IsoGen solutions for gas processing leverage our expertise with industrial fluid-flow systems and our proven pressure exchanger and turbocharger technologies—the same expertise that has driven our success in water desalination. 


The VorTeq™ hydraulic pumping system re-routes abrasive proppants away from high pressure pumps, saving them from frequent failures.

Recovering Energy In Gas Processing

The IsoBoost™ system saves up to 80 percent of energy in the acid gas removal process in gas processing plants.