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Optimizing Amine Process Design Using Liquid Phase Turbochargers

This paper describes conventional configurations with high pressure pumps and new configurations utilizing liquid phase turbochargers. Design of the equipment, process operations and controls and reliability analysis are included. The results of a RAM study comparing conventional configurations to those incorporating liquid phase turbochargers in multiple cases are also presented.

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White Paper: Desalination and energy efficiency for mining in Namibia

The authors present energy-saving solutions for desalination water supply for mining applications. Detailed design data for the Uranium mining desalination plant are given. Environment and economic conscious owners and operators will learn methods of design and operation of desalination systems in mining, which can be easily extrapolated to many other industrial needs, and how to minimize the total cost of ownership of a desalination process.

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Upgrading ERDs within an operating desalination plant in Israel

The Palmachim Desalination plant is one of the largest seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination plants in Israel with a capacity of 120,000 cubic meters per day. Built by the Via Maris Desalination Ltd. consortium, the plant consists of six (6) parallel SWRO trains, each with a permeate production capacity of up to 20,000 cubic meters per day.

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The lifetime durability of ceramic PX energy recovery devices

To ensure the lifetime of the seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) process and its enabling technology, it is essential to use the most advanced and reliable materials of construction. One such advance in material science is that of the PX Pressure Exchanger employing high purity (>99%) aluminum oxide (alumina) ceramics.

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The advantage of reliable ERD technologies

Availability can be defined as the probability that a system or piece of equipment when used under the specified conditions operates satisfactorily at any given time. The availability of the equipment installed in a seawater reverse osmosis facility (SWRO) is extremely important to the price, quality, and quantity of the final product – water.

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Maximice el Tiempo de Operación en el Proceso de Endulzamiento de Gas utilizando Turbocompresores

Durante el siglo pasado, la práctica del reciclaje de energía ha sido incluida en diferentes procesos industriales como un paso clave para minimizar lo que de otro modo sería energía desperdiciada. La mayoría de las industrias están familiarizadas con el concepto de recuperación de calor residual, donde el calor que habría sido disipado y desechado, es devuelto a los diferentes procesos industriales.

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Desalinated water powers China’s economic growth

As electricity production increases in China to keep pace with the nation’s rapid economic growth, power providers are caught in a bind: energy generation requires processed water, but desalinating seawater to feed power plants requires significant energy.